Estonian Hydrogen IPCEI

Hydrogen Hub – New opportunities for seaport terminals.

Estonia receives 23 hydrogen project applications in IPCEI call with the total value of € 1.5 billion.

Despite the fact that the IPCEI call was open with very short notice only for 3 weeks, a lot of local interest was shown up by the Estonian private sector and industry.

List of projects.

Among many others Port of Tallinn foresees itself as a part of the green economy, proposing to develop a Hydrogen Hub in Port of Paldiski. Location is superior, connecting railway and the main road and also next to existing natural gas pipeline Baltic Connector (3400 MW) and HVDC interconnection to Finland (Estlink). About 13 GW Off-Shore wind parks have been proposed by developers, and the port could be the perfect place to accommodate construction and service points for wind parks.

Port, of Paldiski

Estonian Hydrogen IPCEI press announcement.

Hydrogen economy development is on the horizon, and 55 MEUR funding to start with from the government expected to be announced during this summer.

Selected projects from Estonia

Project developerProject DescriptionInvestment (MEUR)
Alexela / PowerUP Energy TechnologiesDevelop and implement automated, multipurpose and universal H2 refuelling and cylinder exchange stations which could be used by full vertical of consumers, from small scale to the large-scale customers15
Eesti Energia / AlexelaEstablishing a hydrogen production facility at Pakri peninsula and a logistics system (incl. road transport of hydrogen and hydrogen refueling stations in several locations)75
Elcogen1. Developing Nickel (Ni) and Cobalt (Co) free cells together with optimised stack able to operate in reversible SOFC/SOEC mode (4th generation of SOCs).
2. Optimising manufacturing process for SOC mass production through new manufacturing processes combined with AI and Industry 4.0 implementation.
ESTIKO Energia OÜTransform Raadi into a regional Hydrogen Hub, HyRaadi, which successfully applies hydrogen in a number of different capacities, providing a blueprint for other smaller regional areas in Europe to develop similar hydrogen hubs120
LTH-BaasThe main product to be developed in this project is an alkaline electrolyzer system with a best-inclass electricity-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency150
Stargate Hydrogen SolutionsThe main product to be developed in this project is an alkaline electrolyzer system with a best-inclass electricity-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency40
Port of SillamäeEstablishing green hydrogen and ammonia production plant, that will use electricity from renewable sources of the local biofuel CHP and from electricity grid system connection40
Skeleton Technologies* Integration of Superbattery technology as a standard component into fuel cell drivetrains, exemplified by applications in stationary energy storage systems, automotive applications and rail transport
* Development and scaled production of Superbattery systems designed for fuel cell support applications, as product group “Fuel Cell Boost”
Port of TallinnBuilding of :
1. On-shore-power supply for cruise vessels at Old City Harbour
2. The ice-class ferry on hydrogen
3. Hydrogen export-import terminal in Pakriranna, Paldiski
4. large-scale hydrogen refuelling station (HRS)
Hydrogen TechnologiesDevelopment and construction of hydrogen production plant/refueling station using plasma-chemical production method, to supply hydrogen to the road transport sector
Development and construction of SAF (e-kerosene) fuel production plant, using plasma-chemical method to produce hydrogen and carbon black as vital components for e-Fuels such as e-kerosene.
o Establishment of a pan-European network for the implementation of plasma-chemical methodologies for Hydrogen production and the exchange of knowledge