Nordic Open Creative Energy Summit

The project NOTS, Nordic Open Creative Energy Summit Innovation Workshop is an inspirational hydrogen oriented learning day aimed at spreading over latest news and information on hydrogen and fuel cells applications. Also, creating new contacts and networks, but above all, an opportunity to allow people from different sectors and backgrounds to meet and challenge the established methods and approaches for innovation and development.

The NOTS workshop took place in Tehnopol, Mustamäe Science Park on 30th of October, see the Agenda. In the morning session seven presentations were carried out by experts involved in popularization of various applications of hydrogen and fuel cells (FC&H2). Major challenging line justified on reaching the ambitious target – carbon neutral Estonia to 2050. To reach this the presentations were aimed on performing that via different FC&H2 applications. Various examples from World and Europe in the sectors like maritime shipping, housing, chemical-, and metal treatment industry, challenging applications of hydrogen drones’ and last not least – the cargo and passenger car applications based on FC&H2. Short video borrowed from the home-page of the Swedish Hydrogen Association Vätgas Sweden introduces newcomers in an enjoyable way to hydrogen.

The workshop was aiming on giving participants an opportunity to contribute with their own knowledge and ideas while gaining new insights, expanding their contact network, and creating access to new area of knowledge. The environmental and climate issues get a highly prioritized position in our daily agenda as we are facing climate change that constituently gives us threatening signals. However, we together are able to introduce changes. Small changes in our lifestyle are the steps in the right direction to reach carbon neutrality to year 2050.

Theme of the afternoon session was Widen the market. We need to find ways to present, educate and build the emerging market of clean, safe and sustainable energy solutions. Target group is the politicians and decision-makers. Group work using the Disney method was performed. Participants were presenting visually their innovative ideas on hydrogen wider deployment in different spheres of every-day life. The results were analyzed together and relevant conclusions drawn.

Workshop presentations