The first Hydrogen vessel in Estonia

Energy Observer arrining in Tallinn. Hello future.

A unique chance to witness next generation technology in Tallinn’s Seaplane harbour marina, the Energy Observer. This catamaran is the first hydrogen vessel in the world. Hydrogen is produced on-board from renewable solar, wind and hydro energy. Hydrogen is used as fuel directly on windless days or late hours without sunlight.

Welcoming the vessel


Tiit Terik welcomes the surprise visitors.

Tiit Terik welcomes the surprise visitors with Tallinn’s sprat. The vessel arrived 18:55 on the evening of the 12th of June. The Estonian Hydrogen Association welcomed the arriving catamaran on the stormy seas. Tiit Terik, Chairman of Tallinn’s city council awaited to greet the crew on the quay. The surprise guests received a box of Tallinn’s sprat with Tiit Terik also reading out the instructions of use. Thank you message by the crew. The crew also made a quick tour across Tallinn old town as they were just docking for a day and St. Petersburg awaited.


Demo day in Tallinn



Two famous vessels side by side at the Seaplane Harbour Marina.

The ship’s logbook states that Tallinn was the 40th stopover of Energy Observer’s 6 year journey around the world. Visitors who came to see Energy Observer actually got to witness two famous vessels. In addition to the hydrogen catamaran the same quay also had the Estonian Antarctic expedition yacht Admiral Bellingshausen, which was just christened and blessed a few days earlier.


Hydrogen Technology

Elcogen’s director Enn Õunpuu gives an overview of the technology contained in the hydrogen vessel. The Academician Enn Lust talked about green hydrogen and its production from solar and wind power. The ship’s captain Jean-Baptiste Sanchez talked in detail about the technology on board of the ship.