Webinar “Hydrogen – Driver of the Estonian (green) future”

on April 14, 2021 at 10:00 – 12:40 (EEST) in ZoomRegister here

Many countries and organisations are in the middle of defining their hydrogen policies, roadmaps and strategies. Expectations are high that this old but newly re-discovered renewable energy carrier will play an important role in reaching the climate targets and it seems to be inevitable that hydrogen will shape our future energy sector. The question is: who will be the first to mobilise their forces and what happens to those who will not come along?

The organisers are happy to invite you to listen to some of the first examples from Estonia in developing hydrogen strategies and learn from the Netherlands experience in building the hydrogen economy.
From Estonia, Port of Tallinn and City of Keila have completed their new hydrogen strategies and Ida-Viru Hydrogen Cluster has come up with a clear vision on how to move ahead. 
From the Netherlands Mr Petrus Postma, an expert on sustainability and energy transition who has together with his team developed Port of Tallinn´s hydrogen strategy and has consulted City of Keila, will share his thoughts the global trends and elaborate on his findings about the Estonian opportunities.

Minister Andres Sutt together with Mr Guldar Kivro (TS Laevad), Mr Marek Alliksoo (SKYCORP) and Mr Petrus Postma has promised to join the panel discussion. The Netherlands, a leading developer of the hydrogen economy in Europe, will also be showcasing three additional real-world examples and sharing their experience. Please see the detailed agenda below.

The seminar will be moderated by Ms Annely Akkermann, Chairman of the Parliament´s Hydrogen Technologies Support Group.

The webinar will be held in English without translation to Estonian.

This seminar is organised together by The Netherlands Embassy in Estonia, Port of Tallinn, City of Keila, Ida-Viru Hydrogen Cluster and the Estonian Hydrogen Association.

Preliminary Agenda

10:00-10:05     Welcome by the Moderator:  Ms Annely Akkermann, Member
                         of Parliament
10:05-10:10     Welcome by the Netherlands ambassador to Estonia, 
                         Ms Özlem Canel
10:10-10:30     Keynote by Mr Petrus Postma, consultant on sustaibablity and
                         green transition, founder of &Flux B.V.  

Estonian Country Case Presentations
10:30-10:45     Mr Raimo Pirksaar (Port of Tallinn) – “Port of Tallinn –
                         converting ambitions into action”
10:45-11:00     Mr Jüri Alasi (Nomine Consult), Introduction to Keila vision 
11:00-11:15     Mr Mihkel Laan, Introduction to Ida-Viru county vision 

Netherlands Country Case Presentations
11:15-11:30     Netherlands country case I: example of a local
                        authority developing hydrogen uptake TBD
11:30-11:45     Netherlands country case II: Example of a port developing
                        hydrogen uptake TBD
11:45-12:00     Netherlands country case III: example of a company case TBD

12:00-12:35   Panel discussion:
                       Mr Andres Sutt, Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT 
                       Mr Petrus Postma, partner in &Flux B.V. 
                       Mr Guldar Kivro, TS Laevad Management Board 
                       Mr Marek Alliksoo, Estonian Hydrogen Association/Skycorp OÜ

                       Moderator: Ms Annely Akkermann, Member of Parliament

12:35-12:40   Summary by the Moderator